YLF All Purpose Body Wash - Express Shower Gel

Triumph & Disaster

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YLF All Purpose Body Wash - Gel de Ducha Exprés - Triumph & Disaster at Barbazul


As modern gentlemen living in today’s world – we need to live with the philosophy that time is money in order to be able to live life to the fullest. And Triumph & Disaster truly understands the importance of time so well, which is shown by this YLF All Purpose Body Wash, which was made to save the time of many men around the world.

This all-natural body wash is a shower gel made from natural ingredients and has these 5 following purposes:

  1. Clean the skin and hair, with its coconut, burdock and kawakawa (Antipodean ingredient)
  2. Moisturize the skin, with its argan oil and marine collagen.
  3. Give you an elegant and medicinal aroma, from its combination of neroli and sandalwood scents.
  4. Nourish your skin with its ingredients that are rich in nutrients already mentioned above, with the addition of vitamin E oil and rose extract Kawakawa.
  5. Balance your skin with Jojoba, the only plant in the world that produces wax that originated from the Mojave Desert of Mexico. Jojoba also provides you with the perfect pH balance to the skin.

Fear no more of wasting time on hectic times with this all-purpose body wash that is so efficient and high in quality that you won’t have to worry about literally anything at all.

Content: 500 ml


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