Pack - Masculine Body Care


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Pack - Cuidado Corporal Masculino - Barbazul at Barbazul


It is very important to take care of your skin. 

At some stage we have all had to turn to body cream to prevent that dryness sensation. But moisturising cream is not the only thing we need. That is why we have created this pack, perfect for easily and effectively taking care of body skin. This superpack is composed of:

-Invigorating Body Gel Baxter of California: created for men's skin, deeply cleanses the residues, while maintaining hydration. And we won't even mention its fragrance... :-)

-Deodorant from Jack Black: deodorant for men with a special formula for sensitive skins which eliminates sweat. Once you have tried it you will never leave it.

- Organic Moisturising Cream from Grown Alchemist (Rosemary and Mandarin): to get straight o the point, this body cream is possibly the best one you will ever try. A very non-greasy formula, it leaves a fresh and moisturised sensation, softening the body thanks to its organic properties.

This pack is perfect to give as a gift on any occasion and for any kind of man.


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