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  • Travelling is one of the most fun experiences when it is for leisure and one of the most unpleasant when it is for work. But whatever the reason for your journeys, you always have the same problem: you cannot fit into your suitcase all the gel, shampoo, moisturising cream, face moisturiser... or the volume of liquid products restricted to a maximum of 100ml. because you are travelling by plane with your hand luggage.  

    Another advantage of this travel kit, which makes it even more practical, is that you can share it with your girl. The products are ideal for both of your skins, so imagine her surprise when you tell her that there is space in the suitcase for an extra pair of shoes.

    None of these products have been tested on animals. Grown Alchemist has an exemplary environment respect policy. That is why all the ingredients that you will find in this kit are all from natural origin, without harmful additives for the skin

  • So do not worry, this travel kit from Grown Alchemist is your salvation. It has it all in a very manageable size and which fits into a toilet bag, which comes included in the pack. This is what it contains:

    - Hydra-repair day cream: moisturising cream which hydrates without greasing, while protecting from free radicals. 12 ml.
    - Lip Balm: lip balms with melon and vanilla extracts which moisturise, repair and protect dry lips. 12 ml.
    - Body Cream: body cream with a mandarin and rosemary leaf base, very hydrating and quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky sensation. 50 ml.
    - Facial Cleanser: Soft facial gel for delicate skins, cleans, smoothes and calms the skin. 50 ml.
    - Shampoo: pepper shampoo sage and rose, ideal for daily use, leaves soft, shiny and nourished hair without drying the scalp. 50 ml.
    - Conditioner: this rose, camomile and lavender conditioner is very effective for untangling , protecting and providing shine to your hair, suitable for daily use. 50 ml.
    - Body cleanser: softgel suitable for all types of skin. Cleans, tones and refreshes the skin without drying it. 50 ml.
  • Organise your suitcase, put the toilet bag with the Grown Alchemist products from the travel kit and forget about complicating things; all basic care is inside this travel kitbag.


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