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  • Sport, long days at work, intense nights, journeys... Your life is full of moments which demand high body performance that you want to make the most of. But neither do you want all this activity to take its toll on you.

    Efficient and committed to your health. That is how the eucalyptus deodorant from Malin+Goetz works. Its alcohol and aluminum free formula has an innovative perspiration absorption ability which protects the skin and refreshes the area thanks to its eucalyptus and citronellyl composition. Its fragrance is a fresh, citrus and eucalyptus blend. You do not need to worry about stains appearing on your clothes since this deodorant does not leave any type of residue. Suitable for all types of skin.

    Content: 73 g.

  • You can use it any time you need to, every day. Since it is alcohol-free you can use it without worrying about skin irritation or even whether you shave that area.

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