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Jack Black


All-Over Wash - Jabón de Cara, Pelo y Cuerpo - Jack Black at Barbazul


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  • Tired of carrying 2 or 3 different toiletries on your travels or to the gym? Well, with this All-Over-Wash from Jack Black, you can now comfortably cover all your needs in only one product.

    This wash gel acts as a shampoo, facial cleanser and shower gel: all in one! Both undoubtedly great in quality and efficiency, this shampoo will not only save you from the hassle of bringing lots of products in one go, but it will also save a lot of your time in the shower when you need to rush.

    Formulated based on botanical ingredients, it has a fresh and light fragrance, but with the right amount that won't draw you attention. Its main ingredients are:

    - Wheat protein: which strengthens the hair.
    Panthenol: which acts as a conditioner and will give your hair a natural and healthy shine. 
    - Olive and seaweed extracts: contains natural skin antioxidants which will brighten, firm and prevent your skin from signs of aging.

    Content: 177 ml.

  • Use generously on hair, skin and body just like a normal gel or shampoo.

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