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Baxter of California

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After Shave Balm - Bálsamo sin Alcohol - Baxter of California at Barbazul


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  • What you see before you is a legendary shaving product that is a must-have for every man out there. After a good shave, you might often look in the mirror and worry about the noticeable irritation that has badly ruined your skin, while scratching the annoying itching that comes along with it. If you've ever thought you were the only one facing this problem; don't worry: this happens to us too. A lot.

    But thanks to this Baxter after shave, we now can stop our suffering; and neutralize our irritation, scratch away the itch while also indulge ourselves in a calm, soothing sensation after shaving. Consisting of aloe vera, organic silicones, glycerin and allantoin - a formula so therapeutic will freshen you up for the day. Also, it is totally alcohol free, which makes it suitable for all kinds of skin; especially sensitive skin.

    Content: 120 ml.

  • Apply a small amount of the after shave onto your skin after each shave and say goodbye to razor burns, pain, irritation and itches.

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