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Do you want to know what the royal family feels?


In 1805, William Francis Truefitt opened his first barbershop at Number 2 Cross-Lane, Long Acre, London. In 1811 he moved his business to 40 Old Bond Street and he set it up and called it Court Hair Cutter and Court Head Dresser, and that is the beginning of the prestigious brand Truefitt & Hill. 

Throughout the first part of the 19th century, the visits to the barber were plentiful, since to be able to use a wig you had to go there, and thus the Truefitt barbershop in Old Bond Street started to become fashionable and gain popularity. In 1911 Edwin Hill & Co. opened a barbershop in 23 Old Bond Street, and in 1935 HP Truefitt (Francis Truefitt's nephew) moved to this house number in the same street to become part of Truefitt & Hill.

There were several business mergers over the years and they changed address a few times until they found their current one in 71 St. James Street, London, in 1994. Having a look through their history quotes book, a few interesting pages can be read such as Debrett's one (a guide who recognises the most distinctive and influential people in Britain and its Empire). Amongst their clients we can find male members of the Royal Family, members of the different Houses who visit the Royal Family, members of Parliament, Senior Officials from the Council or Theatre, ambassadors and diplomatic corps, dignitary visitors...


Throughout their history, Truefitt & Hill and their predecessors have been involved in the production of hairstyles and haircuts, shampoos, creams, perfumes and colognes. For more than two centuries, Truefitt & Hill have provided demanding gentlemen with only the best grooming products and related services.

Established in 1805, it holds the world record for the oldest barbershop in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. They are also renowned for being the Official provider for Her Royal Highness and the Duke of Edinburgh (Royal Warrant). 

The knowledge and experience that they provide to the modern man with a sophisticated and practical range of products on offer which are divided into different ranges. If you are looking for the best for men's grooming, we are sure that at Truefitt & Hill you will find unrivalled quality. Their products are formulated with an exquisite mixture of rare and sophisticated essences. Their offers include a complete range of products for shaving, fragrances, hair and toilet grooming, providing a daily grooming solution for the modern man.

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