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After Shave Balm West Indian Limes - Bálsamo Post Afeitado - Truefitt & Hill at Barbazul


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  • The West Indian Limes range from Truefitt & Hill is refreshing, with a spicy mix of citrus fruit and touches of essential oils of the exotic litsea cubeba, lemon, orange and lime. This citrus fruit surrounds its floral heart with orange blossom, lilac, rose and is rounded off with a final touch of oak moss.

    To truly appreciate this balm you should first know that an aftershave balm is not the same as an aftershave lotion. Balms are much more careful and hydrating to the skin, and lotions are more refreshing.

    This Truefitt aftershave balm has regenerative properties which provide intensive care and prevent the skin from drying up after shaving. Its recipe is formulated with lanolin extract (a natural wax) and aloe vera, which calm and hydrate the skin deeply.

    It is suitable for all kinds of skin, although it is especially effective on dry or sensitive skin. Its traditional, simple and and elegant packaging suggests that it is not made for just anyone. Only for gentlemen who are demanding with their personal care and themselves.

    Content: 100 ml.

  • Place a small amount in your hands and spread it over your face and neck in the shaven areas until the balm is completely absorbed.
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