Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather

Jack Black


Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Lather Shave - Crema de Afeitado - Jack Black at Barbazul


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  • Winner of the Best Shaving Cream Award by Men's Health magazine, this Supreme Cream from Jack Black is a very smooth shaving cream with an incredible creaminess. It raises your facial hair and distances them away from the skin before shaving, resulting in a smoother, more precise shave.

    Its Triple Cushioning technology provides three protective layers for the skin thanks to its macadamia oil, natural glycerin and soya oil, which allows the razor to glide over the skin without causing irritation, cuts or hair pulls. Thanks to its incredible creaminess, you can use it with or without a shaving brush.

    Its natural, organic formula contains:

    - A combination of macadamia, glycerin and soya oils, which protect and lubricate the skin for better razor gliding.
    - Jojoba oil which penetrates from the skin into facial hair, providing smoothness and moisture.
    - Edelweiss and Plantago leaf extract, which act as natural antioxidants and tone the skin.

    You will notice the difference from the very first shave, then you will ask yourself what have you been doing up until then!

    Content: 236 ml.

  • Apply it evenly over your facial hair and neck with your hands or with a brush. Make circular motions to foam properly and so that the creaminess overpowers your facial hair. Make sure that your razor blade is nice and sharp. Once finished, rinse the remaining cream with lukewarm water. 


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