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Shaving Mug White - Mug de afeitado - Mühle at Barbazul


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  • Mug-nifique. This shaving mug perfectly combines functionality with an elegant design, characteristic of an expert brand in traditional shaving such as Mühle.

    Manufactured in black, has as inherited properties its great durability and impermeability, which allow it to offer the best of shaves as time goes by without losing an ounce of quality. 

    Easy grip handle, highlights the shape of the traditional mugs but is designed to provide a practical and comfortable shaving experience. Its grip makes the creation of foam easier.

    Its wide diameter allows for its use with nearly all types of soap on the market. But if you are looking for a complete Mühle experience, we recommend using it with the Sea Buckthorn shaving soap.

    Dimensions: 10 cm (diameter)  x 7,7 cm (height). 


  • With the soap inside the mug, submerge up to half of it in hot water inside the sink, as if you were reboiling, until the soap and the mug have cooled down. With circular motions and with a damp brush, load the tip of the brush with soap and move it in circles until you form a bit of foam. At this moment, you can start shaving and reloading the brush with foam every time you need to.
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