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Shaving Cream Trafalgar - Crema de Afeitado - Truefitt & Hill at Barbazul


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  • A true gentleman will always appreciate the never-ending dedication from Truefitt & Hill to the art of shaving. This shaving cream has a glycerin base which allows it to form plenty of foam, which moisturises as much as it lubricates to obtain an amazingly close shave.

    The Trafalgar range has a secret fresh fragrance with spices,  it is a sophisticated and adventurous proposal, and specially designed for those men who confront life's problems with great enthusiasm. That could be why when you put it near your nose, you will notice a combination of spices so exquisite that they become a source of inspiration

    This might be why this shaving cream is one of the favourites of the British Royal Family... 

    Content: 190 g.

  • We always recommend using the cream with a shaving brush to better work the foam, but you can also spread it with your finger, the result is excellent.

    Once you have created a foam base, you can start to apply it over the beard. 
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