Rytmo Safety Razor Stone


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Rytmo Safety Razor Stone - Maquinilla de afeitado - Mühle at Barbazul


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  • The Rytmo range from Mühle represents the merging of avant-garde and tradition. The cone shape of the handle is a treat for the eyes which you cannot stop staring at. The modern and practical design amazes those who are lucky enough to hold it. The chrome base and attention to detail  make you realise that its manufacturing has been a well-thought, slow and caring process.

    Stone. That is how Mühle defines the colour of this elegant razor blade which may be one of the best shaving razors of its range.

    But to obtain the perfect razor, the design has to be backed by comfort, ergonomics, feel. That is why the handle is made of very high quality resin which allows steady and balanced fastening, essential for a shave, and which also gives the sensation of quality from the first time you hold it. 

    The closed comb head is designed to offer a closesafe shave. Its design of straight and elegant lines, combines perfectly with the handle.

    It is not just a razor. It is part of your personality.

  • Wet the beard area, preferably with hot water, and start to work the foam with a brush if possible. Apply the foam over the face and let it work for a minute or two to ease the shave . Check that the head and the handle are correctly screwed, and always adjust it before each shave. This will ensure that the razor blade stays at the correct angle. 

    Now you can start shaving. Hold the razor at an obtuse angle of about 30º (approximately) in relation to the skin. Start with the cheeks and let the razor glide over the skin, slightly applying pressure and if possible with steady motions. Always shave in the direction of your beard. When you reach the area of the neck, stretch the skin to obtain a closer shave. 


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