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Pack - Afeitado suave - Barbazul at Barbazul - 1
Pack - Afeitado suave - Barbazul at Barbazul - 1 Pack - Afeitado suave - Barbazul at Barbazul - 2 Pack - Afeitado suave - Barbazul at Barbazul - 3 Pack - Afeitado suave - Barbazul at Barbazul - 4


This pack joins three products in one, guaranteeing a careful and close shave without being aggressive to your skin. It is the perfect ally for men who have to shave daily or for those who have sensitive skin and for those whom shaving is specially irritant. Three products of three different brands with a common denominator: a great experience concerning shaving.

- Shaving oil from Dr K Soap Company: this conditioner which comes in oil is applied to the hair of the beard in order to soften it and therefore soften the shaving experience.

- Super Close Shave Formula from Baxter of California: the shaving cream which has managed to become one of the star products of the brand. The reason has to do with the lubricating film which it creates between the razor and your skin, preventing obstructions and irritation to your face.

Aloe Vera After Balm Shave from Muhle: once you have finished shaving your skin asks for hydration and this Aloe Vera After Shave takes care of the most sensitive skins at this delicate moment. Calms, alleviates, moisturises and heals your skin. You cannot ask for more.

This pack is perfect for men who shave frequently or who have sensitive skin, although it is also suitable for all types of skin.


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