Beard Lube Conditioning Shave

Jack Black

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Beard Lube Conditioning Shave - Crema de afeitado - Jack Black at Barbazul


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  • Discover a new way of shaving with this Jack Black shaving cream that will save your time - and life. Winner of the Best Shaving Cream awarded by the Men's Health in 2011, this cream is perfect for men who needs more efficiency in shaving.

    This unique beard lube combines 3 shaving products into one: oil to prepare the beard and skin for a safer shave, shaving cream to lubricate the blade for a better shave, and a conditioning treatment to calm the skin from shaving.

    Its transparent formula, rich in phospholipids will allow you to see where you're gliding your razor blade, therefore preventing possible cuts on the skin.

    Other than that, it also contains:

    - Jojoba and Macadamia oil: which provides skin lubrication for a smoother glide, without pulls.
    - Phospholipids: which creates a protective barrier on the skin.
    - Eucalyptus and mint: which refreshes, calms and revitalizes the skin after shaving.

    Perfect to take on a journey since it barely takes up any space in your luggage, this total shaving cream will save up a lot of your time indeed.

    Content: 177 ml.

  • Apply a small amount onto your slightly wet facial hair and start shaving. We recommend that you let the cream rest for 60 seconds before you start shaving, allowing the oil to do its magic and prepare your beard for a closer and smoother shave.


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