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Pack Regalo Padre Perfecto con Barba. El regalo más original para el día del padre, su cumpleaños, su santo, navidades y sinceramente, cuando quieras demostrarle la clase de hijo que eres.


A tip from men to men: to grow a beard, you need to know how to groom it. There are many different styles, but when a beard stands out on its own it is because it has been taken care of correctly. There are no other secrets.

For this reason, we have collected into one, unique pack two elements which we consider fundamental for the beard to suit you even more than it already does. This pack consists of:

- Beard Oil from Captain Fawcett: possibly the best oil for your beard, thanks to its non-greasy finish, soft and with a delicious scent.

- Beard Soap from Dr K Soap: soap with pro-vitamin B5 which cleans the beard and, if used frequently, provides it with a natural shine.

For you or as a gift, you will for sure have got it right.


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