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Do you need to make a gift to someone and you do not know what could thrill them the most? Or is that "somebody" not near you? We have all had that "little problem", and that is why we wanted to solve it by creating these magnificent gift cards. Give him the chance to decide for himself with one of the 3 different Barbazul gift cards.

The Barbazul gift cards are sent via e-mail to whomever you choose (or even yourself), they are easily exchangeable in our shop. In addition you have different price options so that you can choose the one that best fits your own pocket. These cards do not add any extra charge when making a payment, so all the value you spend will be entirely for your gift. And they can be used up to a year after purchasing. 

The lucky one will be able to choose from an exclusive selection of high quality personal care products, each one with its own history and which are designed for men (and only a few extraordinary women) with true character. 

You will see how you succeed!

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