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OAK - Natural Beard Care


Oak is a young brand originating in Berlín, keen on making beard grooming easy. It began as a need to help modern men, who are always in a hurry and go back and forth without a break, to look after our beards quickly and easily.

That is why they have developed, advised by the most prestigious barbers in Germany and from more than one full-blooded beardsman, these products that we like so much here at Barbazul. They are 100% organic products, whose scents surprise you from the very first minute due to natural ingredients, as their BDIH certificate guarantees us, and ensures that in addition it has not been tested on animals.


The packaging of their products is an infatuation, elegant and resistant, perfect for protecting their products and with a design characteristic of a quality traditional barbershop, which we now  have at home.

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