Mühle Shaving

Mühle, The JET in shaving rituals for enthusiasts all over the world.


MÜHLE is synonym for quality. All their products achieve a sensational finish combining the detail of craftwork and the precision of technological products. Time, dedication and ability are some of the values that can be appreciated in all their products.

Founded in 1945 by the Müller family, the company was originally called Müller, but later on named Mühle. Nowadays, a new generation of Müllers works to provide you with the best shaving experience.


At Barbazul we want to the world to change little by little and that is why we have selected the synthetic fibre brushes as a star product. If you like wet shaves, you need to try these brushes. 

Mühle is currently the private brand of the Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG company and now are the only manufacturer in the world that produces a complete range of products of superior quality for men's shaving. The company combines industrial experience with a high level of handmade skill, thus becoming an efficient and innovative company.

Loyal to their philosophy, they promote shaving culture at every level improving quality of life, and transforming an everyday task (or not), into a joy.

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Shaving Mug White - Mug de afeitado - Mühle at Barbazul


Shaving Mug Black

€19.50 €26.00

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