Malin+Goetz - Spain

MALIN+GOETZ, modernised traditional cosmetics and perfume concepts.


MALIN+GOETZ was opened on the 1st of March 2004 in the shop-laboratory of the Chelsea brand (Manhattan) and nowadays has a great number of followers all over the world.

Matthew Malin, one of the associates, has always been linked to the cosmetics world and has had different executive positions in renowned establishments such as Saks 5th Av and brands like Kiehl´s, L´Oréal and Prada. Andrew Goetz. The other associate was a Marketing Director for a Swiss stylish furniture company before setting up this company which borrows the surnames of its two founders, MALIN+GOETZ, revolutionising the cosmetics and traditional perfume industry by simplifying it at every level, from its minimalist design to its base formulas 

They develop their own formulas and the manufacturing of their products is done at a local level. In addition they maintain the same manufacturers which opened their doors more than 10 years ago, allowing a greater control over quality and stability of manufacturing standards.

Malin as well as Goetz have always had problematic skin, sensitive, greasy, with frequent eczma... which has made them worry about their products being the least aggressive as possible for the skin.

Each one of their formulas combines natural ingredients with soft treatment technologies to adapt to sensitive skin, preventing irritations and skin allergies produces by unnecessary, aggressive ingredients. The result, is a range of products without additives, chemicals or artificial fragrances.




From the start they made the decision to be a sustainable company offering good products while looking after the planet. This decision is reflected in the packaging of their products. They use the right and necessary packaging, only recyclable, whilst avoiding expenses that would raise the price of the product.

In addition, most of their products are biodegradable, since the ingredients and preservatives that are used in their manufacturing are natural.

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