Protein Booster Eye Rescue

Jack Black

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Protein Booster Eye Rescue - Contorno de Ojos - Jack Black at Barbazul
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  • We all know how the skin of the eye contours is extremely vulnerable from aging signs, which is shown by eye bags, rings, and wrinkles.

    However, with this Protein Booster Eye Rescue from Jack Black, you don't need to worry no more. This professional anti-aging treatment directly acts on your eye contours and will prevent you from any aging signs.

    This product's key to success is its combination of its organic ingredients, such as:

    - Peptides: chains of amino acids which act as messengers for the skin, and
    quickly connects the dermis and epidermis a lot quicker. Since the dermis and epidermis connect slower as humans age, this ingredient is surely the key ingredient for this product.
    - Natural Bamboo: which favors the creation of collagen to smoothen the skin. 
    - Vitamins A, C and E: which protects the skin from the harshness of the environment.
    Omega-3: which alleviates and provides brightness to the skin. 
    - Caffeine: which stimulates circulation and reduces swells and eye rings. 
    - Phospholipids: which helps keep the skin moisturized. 
    Hyaluronic acid: which calms and smoothens the skin.

    Content: 15 ml.

  • Apply gently over the eye contour in circular motions, repeating this movement until the cream has been absorbed completely.


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