Intense Therapy Hand Cream

Jack Black


Intense Therapy Hand Cream - Crema de Manos Intensiva - Jack Black at Barbazul
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  • Often overlooked, hands are a part of your body that are more vulnerable when it comes to the signs of aging.

    Therefore, to prevent your hands from signs of premature aging, this hand cream from Jack Black is the perfect product for you as it moisturizes your hands fantastically.

    You will already notice its effects on your first use, as this cream smoothens your hands, prevents calluses and elasticizes your skin. Thanks to its advanced PureScience® formula this hand cream is very light and won't leave your skin with a greasy sensation. 

    Winner for the Best Hand Cream in the Leserumfrage Beauty Awards,
    this hand cream has been tested on all types of men, from golfers to carpenters and chefs, and it has reached the common consensus: this hand cream is simply amazing.

    All its ingredients are natural and are rich in organic ingredients. It doesn't contain added scent or coloring.

    Content: 88 ml.

  • Use it daily. A small amount is enough to moisturize and protect your hands. You can also use it on your feet.
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