All-Day Oil Control Lotion - Skin Lotion

Jack Black


All-Day Oil Control Lotion - Loción Reguladora para Pieles Grasas - Jack Black at Barbazul
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  • Winner of the "Best Moisturizer for greasy skin" by Men's Health magazine, this Jack Black cream is without a doubt, perfect for men hoping to get rid of their greasy skin. Its formula will absorb your excessive grease on your skin without drying it up, giving you a perfect, hydrated, balanced skin.

    Its main ingredients are:

    - Kaolin: Kaolin is a type of clay originating from China, which will effectively help you reduce the size of your skin pores.
    Cotton and Nylon 12: controls the excessive skin oils, while also instantly reducing shininess.
    Vitamins A, C, E: its antioxidant will protect you from free radicals (the cause of skin wrinkles).

    You will immediately notice the results: a perfectly moisturized skin free from grease!

    Content: 97 ml.

  • Place a small amount of the lotion in your hand and apply it onto your face, in a circular motion if possible, focusing especially on your greasy areas (forehead, nose and cheeks). Allow the lotion to be completely absorbed and wash your hands after using.


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