Jack Black Cosmetics

Jack Black, Superior Skincare without complications.


This brand was born in April 2000, as a result of the passion of its founders to provide men with an exceptional range of products focused on top notch masculine grooming.

The wide experience in product development and branding of other cosmetics brands, motivated them to merge their abilities and knowledge with the desire of creating a brand that would combine the best qualities. They also saw up close for many years that the cosmetics industry had disregarded masculine facial care, so they decided to focus on a brand that would provide excellent formulations, with unique ingredients, made only for men.

Before the launching of Jack Black, the founders carried out a meticulous study for years with men from all corners of America, obtaining valuable information about tastes, needs, worries and problems concerning skin care... who were critical when developing this brand. They wanted products that would connect with men in a different way, perfectly adapting to the needs of real men based on the following points:

  • Efficient, high quality products which offer significant results.
  • Masculine packaging. Simple products, easy to use and carry.
  • Products without fragrances, free from grease and with great performance in the long run, adapted to men's lifestyle.

This packaging is carefully designed and stands out for its ease of use. Tubes and plastic jars which adapt extremely well to the current way of life.

Most of the ingredients used in the products come from botanical origin and are usually multifunctional products, offering in a single product, two or three specific types of care. Therefore you get an amazing result in a very comfortable and quick way.

Its products have not been tested on animals and the vast majority do not contain parabens or colouring . All the range of Jack Black products are manufactured without perfume.

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