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Baxter of California

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Facial Scrub - Exfoliante Facial - Baxter of California at Barbazul


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  • Contrary to the popular belief, men needs more skin exfoliation intensely more than women by nature; as we have thicker skin and are more vulnerable to residues that could eventually damage our skin greatly. Therefore, in order to get a clean, bright, smooth-looking skin; we need exfoliation.

    And we can guarantee that this Facial Scrub from Baxter of California; made from nutmeg peel, honey, aloe vera and botanical extracts will completely cleanse your skin from pores, and give you the face you deserve to have. Oh, and beardsman - you will love this facial scrub as it also has the ability to cleanse your skin deep inside your beard.

    Content: 120 ml.

  • We recommend using it once or twice a week. Apply the product with your fingers onto your skin and massage your face with it, in a circular motion if possible. Pay more attention to important areas such as forehead and cheeks, with even more attention to the contour around the eyes.

    Try using it before shaving to get your hair to rise; resulting in a more proper, longer-lasting shave.

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