Dr K Soap Company - Spain

DR K, the biochemist, scientist and Irish researcher who succeeds in the world of cosmetics with cosmetics made with clay and black beer.


Dr. K. is an Irish brand for skin care which manufactures high quality products with pure and natural ingredients. Dr. K (Robert), biochemist and scientist, began his journey in the year 2011 after  financial cuts at the University of Cork in Ireland, where he worked as a researcher, due to the financial crisis. The manufacturing process of soap always appealed to him and the idea of experimenting in his own laboratory seduced him, thus making it a quite an easy transition.

From the beginning, he was always clear about fighting against the production of artificial cosmetics loaded with chemicals which can be found on the shelves of supermarkets. He always said, "if I made soap, I would like to make proper soap". In the Dr. K Soap Company the products are manufactured in a very artisan and natural way, that is why Robert is the first person who sticks his chest out when he sees his own name on the label. He is  proud of his products.

Ever since, the product range has grown exponentially, and Dr. K now has a great variety of products focused on men's care and grooming.

None of his products contain SLES (sodium sulfate is an economic agent which can be found in numerous high-consumption products for personal grooming and is used to create foam), nor solvent petroleum derived products, nor preservatives such as parabens. They are not tested on animals either.

Dr. K. has committed himself to making an ethical and planet-friendly selection of the best natural ingredients for the manufacturing of products for men's grooming. Amongst the products that he uses are several vegetable oils, Irish black beer, coal and clay.

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