Daimon Barber

The Daimon Barber, pomade from the City for the more classic ones.


The Daimon Barber was founded in 2013 by the Leo and Daimon brothers, with the aim of getting back the personal care world of the classic gents in the United Kingdom from previous eras.

Leo and Daimon were half-brothers and grew up in different cities, under different circumstances and parents, and in reality they only met when they became adults. Apart from the obvious education differences, they immediately became close friends, sharing similarities, common tastes and passion for the same things in life.

Daimon has been a barber for many years, and both he and Leo  have always had great interest for the styling world and masculine fashion.

Both realised the obvious gap in the market for classic grooming products for men in the United Kingdom. It seemed that although there was a rising interest for grooming amongst men, its revival was shy, since it was not taken seriously and therefore the industry did not invest enough for it to take off.

The Daimon Barber brand focuses on long-lasting quality and style, implementing new progressive ideas, together with the best natural ingredients, to obtain an exciting range of fresh products for the new gentleman.

Its current catalogue of products is quite small, since they only have 4 products focused on hair grooming.


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Hair Pomade Nº1 - Cera de Peinado Efecto Brillo - Daimon Barber at Barbazul - 1

Daimon Barber

Hair Pomade Nº1


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Wax Pomade Nº 3 - Cera de Peinado de The Daimon Barber

Daimon Barber

Wax Pomade Nº 3


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Clay Pomade Nº 4 - Cera de Arcilla de The Daimon Barber

Daimon Barber

Clay Pomade Nº 4 - Matte Effect


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Daimon Barber Nº 5 Pomada de Peinado Extra Fuerte

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