Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser

Jack Black

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Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser - Limpiador Facial - Jack Black at Barbazul


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  • Awarded by Men's Health magazine as the Best Facial Cleanser 2007. 

    This exclusive, innovative, organic facial cleanser from Jack Black both
    act as an excellent facial cleanser that removes dirt and cleans pores in-depth; as well as a a face toner which will remove excessive grease without drying up the skin.

    Its main ingredients are:

    - Aloe and Chamomile leaves: organic ingredients that help smoothen and reduce skin blotches.
    - Sage and Rosemary leaves: with antibacterial properties for a healthier skin.
    - Hazelnut extract, which acts as a natural astringent with moisturizing properties. 
    - Tensioactives from coconut and hazelnut: their function is to allow water and soap to have a greater dirt absorption level and skin penetration.

    You will get rid of flaws on your face instantly. 

    Content: 177 ml.

  • With wet hands, apply a small amount of the Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser and give yourself a gentle massage on your face, with circular motions, until you form some lather. Let it work for a few seconds and rinse with plenty of water afterwards.

    Its use is recommended in the morning before shaving and also before going to bed. 
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