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Pack - Barba Oak - Barbazul at Barbazul - 1
Pack - Barba Oak - Barbazul at Barbazul - 1 Pack - Barba Oak - Barbazul at Barbazul - 2 Pack - Barba Oak - Barbazul at Barbazul - 3


The design of the packaging, the aroma of citrus fruits, instant results, but above all, innovation. These are some of the values of Oak Beard Care, an outstanding mark for bearded outstanding, whose main formula is based on organic ingredients and a spectacular packaging.

Oak Beard has taken a step beyond market uy has brought a soap of beard that serves also as a facial cleanser. I.e. in a minute we get to have a clean and soft beard, as well as eliminating all the excess fat from the face thanks to its high concentrated on grapefruit.

This is combined with the oil made from natural moisturizers, for a perfect, admirable beard.

The pack includes:

  • Beard Wash: organic soap with vetiver and grapefruit oils perfect for cleaning thanks to its high content in vitamin C and the skin care to prevent itching. Content: 250 ml.
  • Beard Oil: rapid absorption with grape, almond, and Sea buckthorn seed oil to soften the beard and moisturize the skin underneath and regenerate it. Content: 30 ml.

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