Gentle Gel Cleanser

Grown Alchemist

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Gentle Gel Cleanser - Limpiador Facial Enriquecido - Grown Alchemist at Barbazul


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  • If you are not doing it already, you should know that washing your face with a specific soap is a very common habit among men which also gives immediate results. This face soap will result in activating your skin in the morning and eliminating the unpleasant shininess produced by the excess of grease. Made up of a careful selection of botanical plants, it eliminates your skin flaws without damaging it, while allowing it to breathe. Result: a clean, looked-after and calm skin.

    Its cleansing function is enhanced thanks to bioactive ingredients such as:
    - Camomile, bergamot and willow bark

    visibly reduces the size of the pores as well as signs of ageing

    - Rose petal extract: Polyphenols and mucilages (soluble fibres) are extracted from cold pressure of rose petals and favour the skin having a more unified and calmed tone.
    - Aloe Vera: Its high content in Polysaccharides help achieve a smooth and soft skin.

    Grown Alchemist have developed all their products with the unique idea of taking care of your skin, that is why all the ingredients used are organically certified, and do not contain chemical agents, such as parabens, synthetic silicones, artificial fragrances... In addition it has not been tested on animals.

    Specially recommended for dry, sensitive and mixed (or combined) skins.

    Content: 200 ml.
  • Place a small amount of cleansing gel in your hands and rub to spread the mixture on the surface of your hands. Massage your face softly, taking care it does not enter your eyes. RInse with plenty of water and dry with a towel by gently pressing with your hands.

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