Body Cream Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf

Grown Alchemist

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Body Cream Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf - Crema Corporal - Grown Alchemist at Barbazul


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  • The mandarin hydrating and rosemary leaf cream is very smooth, easy to spread on and is quickly absorbed. It leaves the skin as soft as the fresh and pleasant citrus and rosemary scent. It is excellent on dry skin, but if you have any other type of skin you can use it without any problem since it is light and not at all oily.

    Its bioactive ingredients are:
    Karité butter and jojoba oil: rich in nutrients and provide an optimum hydration to your skin.
    - Almond, grape seed and rose hip oil (fruit of the wild rose plant): with a high content of antioxidants which prevent the skin from drying up.
    - Mandarin oil: provides the skin with vitamin C for great elasticity.
    - Wheat germ extract:visibly reaffirms and softens the skin.

    All the ingredients used are organically certified, and they do not contain harmful chemical agents for the skin, such as parabens, synthetic silicones, artificial fragrances… It has not been tested on animals.

    Content: 500 ml.
  • Apply daily onto clean and dry skin, facilitating its absorption with a soft massage and concentrating on the driest zones, such as elbows and knees.
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