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Grown Alchemist

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Balancing Toner - Tónico Facial Equilibrante - Grown Alchemist at Barbazul


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  • Toner? And what’s that for? Well it’s easier than it seems, don’t worry. It is the step that goes between soap and cream, between cleansing and moisturising. Since it is between one and the other, sometimes it has fallen into oblivion, but it is as important as the other two.
    Toning is the process which prepares the skin for better moisturising and absorption of nutrients which you subsequently provide thanks to creams and serums. Owing to the fact that it unblocks pores, it balances natural skin moisturising and eliminates dead cells, as well as allowing the penetration of moisturising agents which follow.

    When you use the the Balancing Toner from  Grown Alchemist you will feel the freshness and cleanliness of a more balanced skin, with reduced pores and a more harmonised tone.

    Its bioactive ingredients are:
    - Olive and chamomile extract: soften the skin maintaining its natural moisture levels.
    - Ginseng and aloe: tone and calm
    - Vitamin C: is a natural antioxidant which protects the skin from free radicals.

    The Balancing Toner from Grown Alchemist is very soft, unlike other toners, which use more aggressive chemical ingredients. This one is totally free of alcohol and harmful chemical agents for the skin, such as: parabens, synthetic silicones, artificial fragrances… It has not been tested on animals.

    Recommended for any kind of skin.

    Content: 200 ml.
  • Soak a cotton pad generously in the balancing facial toner from Grown Alchemist, and apply onto face and dry neck immediately after the first cleansing with soap or gel.

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