Toppik for hair

Toppik, instant density and volume for the hair


Hair loss is without a doubt one of the greatest worries for men regarding their hair. They say that hair loss has as a consequent loss of confidence in oneself, less security when speaking in public, having relationships, etc.

Nowadays there are techniques which try to resolve the problem through surgery and micro implants. However, if you do not want to go through a treatment that implies surgery, you are in luck since there are other temporary solutions that help you efficiently hide hair loss.

Toppik, leader in the sector, has been working for more than 30 years to provide many men with the appearance of hair that they lost.

Toppik is hair makeup made up with organic keratin. The microfibres are electrostatically  charged and perfectly adhere to hair, adding more intensity and volume with a totally natural appearance immediately , even in areas of special lack of hair.

Once Toppik is applied onto the hair it is totally unnoticeable, even up close. The keratin fibres merge with your hair and remain steadily in your hair, being easily removed with shampoo.

Toppik's keratin properties provide an optimum proportion of cysteine amino acids, which contain sulphate atoms, and allows Toppik to mingle with natural hair fibres, obtaining a long-lasting natural look.

Toppik is a brand of worldwide success with an amazing story. Mark Kress, the creator Toppik, worked since his youth in the film and television industry. Seeing the need that hairdressers had to provide more density to the hair of actors and hosts and the lack of products that would achieve a natural and long lasting, effect he decided to research.

His research took a turn when he was told about one of best kept Hollywood secrets. He was told that John Wayne's hairdresser, when he cut his hair, always kept the freshly cut hairs in a little box and then he put them back. ¿How? Very easy, he got the hairs which he had cut previously and applied them back onto his head, attaching them with some sort of glue, and that is how he was able to hide his hair loss problem.

Mark Kress had found a source of inspiration to create a product that could help him, and all the people with the same problem. This way, thanks to the newest research techniques he was able to create Toppik, which uses top quality keratin (derived from wool), almost identical to human hair.

He joined experts in hair product formulation and after experimenting with several formulas, managed to create a product which because of its simplicity, originality and efficiency, has become the top hair fibre, and which comes with a range of products for hair grooming, specifically to give volume.


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