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3 Claveles

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  • A groomed moustache is a great moustache, characteristic of a gentleman with a noticeable personality and a demanding character. That is why we have looked and looked to find a pair of scissors that are suitable for a moustache like yours. And we did not have to go that far, they were in Spain.

    The beard and moustache scissors from 3 Claveles are manufactured in carbon stainless steel, considered one of the most resistable types of steel. Its straight lines make the cutting easy on the beard as well as on the moustache, and its quality is so great that you will possibly only buy them once in your lifetime, unless you lose them :-).

    3 Claveles is a factory with headquarters in La Rioja. Since 1930 they have been offering fine high quality razorblade products and it has earned the trust of the best barbershops in the world.

    Size: 11 cm.

  • Moisturise your moustache and beard before cutting and apply a pre-shave oil if possible to smoothe the cut. Brush it, giving it the desired shape so that the cut is more uniform. Start trimming the lower part along the line of your lip. Remember that you always need to leave the upper part of your moustache longer than the lower one. Brush it, trimming the rest of your moustache until you obtain the volume and desired size. Rinse it and brush it again. We recommend applying a bit of wax to obtain the desired firmness and shape.
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