Castizo, Spanish innovation in beard grooming


Castizo was born in the heart historic Madrid really very recently, in 2015. It was born from the minds of a great team that, far from conform to what they were in the market, wanted to take charge of the care of their own beards and offer a qualitative leap. Thus was born a very young brand, but with things very clear in terms of what you get: excellent products, with values and bring innovation to the user, something that Barbazul we worship. 

Between the principles of Castizo always found the determination of manufacturing products with natural and environmentally friendly formulations, with the maximum rigour in terms of the ingredients used and their qualities. 

Castizo products, in addition to not be tested on animals, avoid the use of Parabens, sulfates or Silicones. Also subjected to stringent regulations and European standards on the production of cosmetics. And so today you can find in Barbazul.

Currently, Castizo is a growing, but you have to be very attentive to it because it will soon be one of the greatest worldwide. A brand of ambitious and innovative because it seeks to provide solutions to the user and works in its products in a manner in which everyone wins. It combines the reliability of a product formulated with professionalism and the utmost rigor, fun and fresh air which is not anchored in the past, and greater honesty in offering a product that is effective and affordable, designed to consciousness, thinking about your end user. 

Delighted to have Castizo among us :-)

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Jabón y Acondicionador de Barba - Tropical Mint - Castizo


Beard Wash & Conditioner - Tropical Mint


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