Under Eye Complex

Baxter of California


Under Eye Complex - Loción Hidratante Contorno de Ojos - Baxter of California at Barbazul


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  • We all know how the eye contour is the most affected area of the skin when it comes to aging. Because this area of the skin of your face has no sebaceous glands, it is very important to treat your eye contours very carefully and regularly.

    Baxter of California has created a formula which helps blood circulation to prevent ghostly-looking eye rings, and also remove eye bags thanks to its high toning power. Made from Aloe Vera, Gingko and Rose Hip Pips, this lotion maintains the elasticity of your eye contours.

    This lotion is recommended for those who are 30 and above, but it all depends on your skin type: there's no shame in needing this lotion earlier in life. Because in the end, the sooner you prevent the aging signs around your eye contours; the better.

    Does not contain any scent.

  • Place a small amount of this moisturizing lotion on your fingers and gently apply it onto the area beneath the eyes with circular motions, until the lotion has been completely absorbed.
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