Revitalizing Pre & Post Shave Tonic

Baxter of California

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Revitalizing Pre & Post Shave Tonic - Baxter of California at Barbazul


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  • Teleport yourself to the sunny coasts of Southern California and the glitz and glamor of Beverly Hills with this shaving tonic: straight out of the legendary Baxter & Finley barbershop located in the city of angels.

    This tonic can be used without hot or cold towels and you can just directly apply it to your face; but if you want to truly feel like a Beverly Hills resident, apply a hot towel before shaving and the cold one after.

    This tonic both serves as a pre-shave and a post-shave tonic, and has three main objectives:
    - To soften the beard before shaving and avoid irritation.
    - To act as a facial tonic that revitalizes the skin after shaving.
    - It’s a cool, soothing aftershave with a minty flavor that you will fall in love with.

    Combining the extract of Aloe Vera with Vitamins A, D and E; you’ll feel the freshness coming from every pore with its revitalizing effects provided by this tonic.

    Content: 120 ml.

  • You can use it directly on the skin before and after shaving, by applying the tonic and wait for at least a minute.

    But for the complete experience, do the following instructions. First, wet a towel with hot water and apply the product to the towel. Cover your face with the towel and let the heat tone your skin for a minute or two, before shaving.

    After shaving, wet your towel with cold water then reapply the shave tonic in it. Cover your face and enjoy the experience for a couple of minutes.

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