Citrus & Herbal Deodorant - Aluminium-free deodorant

Baxter of California


Citrus & Herbal Deodorant - Desodorante sin Aluminio - Formato Viaje


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  • Do you need to prevent body odor but you don't want deodorants with strong scents that can intoxicate your friends? Get this Baxter deodorant, a deodorant with a subtle fragrance; but possesses an extremely elegant and addictive scent in its subtlety.

    Made of a combination of different citrus and musk herbs, it is alcohol and aluminum free, ultimately recommended for preventing Alzheimer's.

    It can be used on all types of skin, and it's actually especially recommended for sensitive skin.

    Content: 75 g. 

  • Apply it onto your armpits every time you need to. Due to the fact that it does not contain aluminum nor alcohol, it does not produce any reaction to your skin, so use it as many times as you like. It does not stain.

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