Baxter of California - Spain

Baxter of California, pioneer and original brand exclusively dedicated to men's care.


At the beginning of the 60's, Baxter Finley, an Executive in the world of  Advertising in the Big Apple, tired of his routine life,  decided to move to the West Coast of the U.S.A. Transitioning from a changing climate like New York's, with heat and humidity in the summer and very cold and dry in the winter, to a more tolerable and sunny California, he quickly realised that the people around him, and of his generation in general, did not have good skin.

In the following years and after long research, he developed an exclusive cream for men, odourless and totally neutral, quite the opposite of the creams that women already used around that time. So, in 1965 he founded Baxter of California, with a single product, which was and still is a strong sales success: A moisturising lotion which includes protection against sun and sea harshness.

Little by little Baxter of California kept increasing its product range, always adapted to the needs of a contemporary man. In the 70's , world movie icons already used its products.

Baxter Finley, a man ahead of his time, has been one of the greatest pioneers in the evolution of personal care for men.


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