Argentum Apothecary

The most potent regenerating cosmetics in history


Its creator and current president, Joy Isaacs (The Creator), was born and grew up in South Africa.

To prevent possible infections in scratches, burns and blotches, her mother used silver spray which she then carried on using with her own children when she moved to London.

Thanks to the healing power of some special silver-impregnated bandages, she recovered from surgical intervention in 2010. After this experience she had a dream in which she found out that she could use the power of liquid siver to provide the best skin care. This brand originated from Joy's dream, starting this way the Argentum Apothecary project.

Then she shared her vision with our (The Sage), who has been with her ever since sharing common values such as ethics in the use of natural  ingredients that are the top in contemporary skin care. Their friendship led them to meet (The Magician), Dr. Gilbert Mouzin, a scientific pioneer in the area of dermaesthetics.

Its aromatic formula, produced in the perfume word capital, Grasse (France), uses natural ingredients such as bergamot, orange and lemon, amongst others. With a made to order bottling, during the investigation a dark violet glass was discovered  which is able to block light, extending the duration and the properties of the ingredients within it, afterwards patented. Each jar has a serial number, being of limited production.

Argentum collaborates with Joe Wilson, a well known illustrator, who uses detailed handmade drawings and impressions, making this brand stand out with 12 archetypes painted on cards, each jar containg a random card. In short, an impressive job which has given the brand a very different and attractive story.

Throughout the project, Joy Isaacs worked with several key people who are reflected in the 12 archetypes, playing an important role in the creation of Argentum. The dream became true.

  • The Creator: Is the CEO who has the vision of creating the brand.
  • The Sage: Exchanged his principles and joined the project.
  • The Caregiver: Whose role was to provide support.
  • The Magician: Key element by creating the formula.
  • The Everyman: Team consultant during the process.
  • The Ruler: Obsession for quality.
  • The Jester: Tireless specialist with administrative process.
  • The Innocent: Always optimistic observer of obstacles. 
  • The Rebel: Fighter against everything in imagination.
  • The Explorer: Through drawings made Argentum public.
  • The Hero: Protector of the project and creator of the visual effect of the brand.
  • The Lover: In charge of linking the fragrances with people.

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