How to Keep Your Mustache Clean This Movember

How to Keep Your Mustache Clean This Movember

With the middle of November (or should we say Movember?) approaching, how are you dealing with eating so far in your mustaches? Yeah, we get it.

If you find yourself getting food stuck in your mustache - don’t be ashamed, it’s a problem every man with mustaches faces and we’re here today to share incredibly simple - yet effective tips to help you to keep food away from your mustache! 

1. Develop these new, simple eating habits.

  • First - you should start using forks and knives even when eating food you usually use hands to eat like burgers or pizza: not only because you’ll look extra classier, this will help you a lot in avoiding food making contact with your ‘stache.
  • Now that you’ve got your hands on a fork and a knife; start loading smaller bites on your fork. But despite the smaller bites - get used to opening your mouth wider to avoid even more food contact, but not too wide!


2. Carry these 2 weapons that will save your 'stache.

And they are: a brush and a cloth handkerchief.. But why?

You can and should use a cloth handkerchief while wiping your mustache from food instead of tissues or napkins made from paper, because small bits of paper will get stuck in your mustache if you do so, and it won’t look good.

On the other hand - you can avoid food in your mustache easier by keeping a habit of brushing your mustache before eating. And before you go search for a portable brush that’s great in quality, don't worry: we’ve already got you covered. This brush from Kent for mustache and beard; with only 7.3 cm long, is the perfect brush for you to carry on your pocket everywhere.


Peine de bigote de Kent


3. Use wax.

Mustache waxes aren’t only made for men to make their mustaches look better, they can also greatly save your ‘stache from unwanted, unattractive food stuck in it.

And there’s no better wax that a man can get than the Captain Fawcett’s Mustache Wax… Better yet, it comes in 5 manly different varieties for you to choose from! But to avoid food, remember not to put too much wax on the center of your mustache, as this will bring more even mess.


Cera de bigote de Captain Fawcett's

Got any tips or stories on food and mustaches that you can share with us? Share them with us on the comments below - and we’ll see you next week for an exciting news you won’t want to miss!



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